I am looking to gain muscle, what program to choose?If you start at the gym or start again after a long shutdown go on #AfterGainZ.

If you are already comfortable in the gym (1-2 months of training, that you have good feelings, good positions, that you know the machine name) then it will be #GainZ 8 weeks or #GainZ 12 weeks.

I start the bodybuilding, what program to choose?

To start bodybuilding choose #AfterGainz which will allow you to learn the basics while progressing rapidly.

What to do if I can not eat every 3 hours ?

You have to try to keep closer to the diet and eat every 2: 30-3: 00 when indicated, the metabolism needs this helping hand to turn non-stop. Thus you burn more fat and do more muscles.

What to do if I can not train during a day ?

It does not matter if you catch this session in the week.

You can also do the biceps training with the back training or the triceps training with the chest training.

How long before my training should I take my last meal?

It does not matter. The important thing is to eat ! Sometimes I eat during my training if I’m stuck with my schedule in Miami.

The quantities indicated are cooked or raw ?

All quantities are cooked !

What water should I opt for?

Mineral water, your body will thank you !

Should I opt for a food supplement brand?

No, I do not represent any complement or supplement brand. Search on internet the cheaper, with less sodium, carbohydrates and fats as possible.

I do not want to take protein powder, what to replace whey and casein ?

You can replace by one or more meals of the diet with carbohydrates

Check my video on YouTube about the proteins : https://youtu.be/Tupe7e8ysCQ

Can I follow the program at home with dumbbells and a bench?

I am currently working on a program at home to even the online Soldiers do not have access to a gym can be part of the TeamTNice !

My gym does not have the indicated machine what to replace this exercise ?

System D or the famous Mc Giver Spirit. In the worst case made another move but on the same muscle group.

I have pains, can I do my workout ?

First of all you must see a health specialist. The friends, colleagues of the gym are not necessarily good advice.

I have muscle aches, can I do my workout ?

Yes but do a good warm up. Aches usually leave when the muscle is “hot” but come back after unfortunately. Drink plenty of water, stretch more and wait until the body repairs itself. It may take 3 to 5 days. Beyond you must go to a health specialist.

I am sick, can I do my workout ?

Between colds and gastroenteritis there is a difference, for you to judge if you are able to follow an intense training.

Consult a health professional if you feel really bad.

I do not want to become too muscular can I make your programs ?

Of course ! You never will become “too much” muscular. The goal of my programs is to give you a body more muscular and dry.

Here in Miami I train celebrities, models, athletes with different aims.

I hate cardio can I replace it with something else ?

Yes cycling, walking … The cardio is important for recovery, the initiation and the increase of metabolism.

I strongly recommend to do at least 3X30 week minimum (even in muscle mass gain period).


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