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I always say that there are two simple ways to recognize a good personal trainer.

  • Is your trainer in good shape? If they aren’t able to keep themselves in shape, it’s not likely they will be able to help you achieve your desired results.

  • Do they have clients that can attest to their abilities? If they have clients who are happy with their results, chances are the personal trainer is a skilled professional that can help you get and stay in shape.


Jeffrey 1 year!!!


I used to eat everyday fast food…
Now I eat healthy and fast food make me sick when i go there…

Thank you T-Nice


Touny 90 days!!!


I want to thank my Trainer T-Nice for his professionalism and his human values.
His program online allowed me to achieve my goals with such speed.
With rigor and all work is possible , my quality of life and my mind is also improved now I stay positive no matter the situation


Erwin 30 days!!!


I knew Théo from back in the days he was a Personal Trainer in France.
I decided to buy his program online to challenge myself…
I did it!
Thank you for the results T-Nice!


Jeff 1 year!!!


Thank you. You have changed my life for the better.
6’7″ 445lbs size 52 waist now 240lbs size 36 waist.
Thanks for helping me find my sexy.


T-Nice 30 days!!!


Trust in your trainer!
I know what is your felling when you’re not in shape.
I know this kind of feeling…
Maybe tomorow…

No! Some people try it and some people make it!
You can do it!


Charlie 30 days!!!

I am an actor. For my movie in Mexico I needed to be in the best shape of all my life.
Theo is the best trainer I ever meet!
I’ve never be in this shape before!

T-NICE is an Excellent Personal Trainer that will get you to achieve all of your body-shaping Goals.


Melanie 2 weeks!!!

Theo is amazing! Not only he delivered the results that I wanted in the time that he promised but he has such a great positive attitude that it makes you work harder.

He won’t let you give up, and I guarantee you that you will be in the best shape of your life in the time that he promises.


Bruno 30 days!!!

T-Nice is the best trainer ever!!!
Look my 6 pack and my chest.
I was expecting results but not so much…

Also thanks to the workout I feel more awake and I dont feel sleepy in the middle of the day… It’s important because I am a chef.

Thank you so much Frenchy!




I have been working with Theo for over four months, and my experience with him cannot be any better. From the beginning Theo has helped me reach fitness goals that I am sure I would not have been able to reach so quickly on my own. I have been exercising regularly for several years, but in the few months I have worked with Theo, I've put on more lean muscle mass and improved my proportions to a degree that I did not think was possible to accomplish so fast. ​ I have no doubt that Theo knows exactly what he is doing as a trainer. He listened to my goals carefully. He then created exercise routines that are anything but routine or boring. You never know what to expect when you work out with Theo - the one thing you know you can surely expect is to feel like you've had an awesome workout after each training session with Theo. You will feel the burn!! Not only has he provided me with great workouts, but he has given me very important tips regarding nutrition that has helped me in attaining the body I want to have. Although Theo's workouts are tough, he gets you through each workout with his amazingly positive attitude and sense of humor. There hasn't been a day that I have not laughed or felt happier thanks to being around Theo's great presence. To anyone who is looking for a great trainer, I wholeheartedly recommend him. I can honestly say that working with Theo has been one of the best decisions I have made in regard to my fitness and I know that there are only more great results to come!


Johanna Bassols

Theo is an amazing trainer, his routines and diets are extremely effective, I was able to see a total transformation in just a few weeks, I have more energy for my busy day and I feel more confident and happy. Thank you Theo -Johanna Bassols Real Estate Broker


Erwin E.

I trained regularly for several years but often alone and without visible progress for some time. I needed to pass a course , to be better together and follow a specific diet. I know T -Nice for 7 years now and I did not hesitate to follow his program this summer . The results are there , I have never been "dry" ! All was not easy but it's worth ! Thank you !


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